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CES 2011 : The Revolution Begins


So a lot of interesting things seem to have been revealed so far at CES; Intel’s debut of a new chip that will handle graphics better than a lot of graphics cards currently on the market, Microsoft has developed a sleeker version of its tabletop computer, the Surface, a bunch of glasses-free 3D TVs, new electric cars, and even a Polaroid revival presentation by Lady Gaga. Even though 90% of this stuff will be too expensive for me to purchase and test out for myself, I can’t help but be proud of how sophisticated and exciting technology’s becoming.

There are a few things I could realistically see myself getting in the next few years, though, so let’s take a look at those.



By Shuichi Aizawa

First up is the Nintendo 3DS; for those who don’t know what this is, it’s the next evolution of the Nintendo DS, and features 3D graphics without the use of glasses, the ability to take 3D pictures, and the ability to have your interact with other people’s devices, without the need for friend codes or all that. Coupled with the awesomeness of 3D gaming (which in and of itself will revolutionize handheld gaming) is a RIDICULOUS lineup of games, including a new Paper Mario game, a Metal Gear Solid game, a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover, and 3D remakes of classics like Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, and StarFox64. Even if I didn’t want to deal with the 3D (which can be turned off if you really can’t stand it), how could I NOT want this thing, given how many exciting games are going to come out for it? The device is also sleek and shiny to boot, and everyone who’s been lucky to get their hands on it has had great things to say about it.

If only the Wii could get this kind of attention…the latest release of games (DKC and Kirby’s Epic Yarn) were good, but the console’s still caught in a 3rd-party game Depression.

Next up:


Intel's Sandy Bridge

By chang_sen, on Flickr

The new Intel Chip. Or, I should say, an impressive CPU that can handle graphics better than my current graphics card, because knowing Intel there’s no way I’m going to be able to afford one of these. AMD’s been working on the same thing, and from the sound of things it certainly rival’s Intel’s version, so I may very well get one of AMD’s APUs, once they start being commercially sold for custom PCs. I’d be kinda bummed if the second most expensive part of my build were to suddenly become obsolete (I don’t yet know whether these chips work better than my current graphics card – a NVIDIA 9800GT), but if buying one of these meant an automatic graphical upgrade, then…well, that would be awesome.



By James Pfaff

Kinect for the PC? You mean I’m getting even closer to controlling my computer like this? Yes plz. Just think of all the things this thing could let you do: besides being a glorified webcam, you could use this to create a 3D interface, you could use it to try out new outfits you find online, you could get a touchscreen-like experience with any monitor, you could use this to Kinect yourself into movies…Ahhh, this would be fun to play with.

The conference isn’t over yet, so there are still plenty of surprises in store for us. It’ll be interesting to see what the most popular revelations will be, and what people think about what’s been shown to us.

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