So I have decided to create a blog again.

Yes, again; few probably remember my exploits as Lord_of_the_Pixie_Stix three years ago (was high school really only that long ago?): a dedicated blogger who posted writing excerpts monthly and counted down the days until she started college, who ranted about politics and how little George W. Bush cared about the environment and whose dedication to taking online quizzes and filling out chain surveys was unparalleled. It was a simple time, a happy time.

And I suppose there is no better way to introduce this blog, than by addressing what has changed in those three long years.

Well, I am no longer counting down to college (or to graduation, for that matter). I am in college and would rather wish to stay in it (though once I start serious work on my thesis, perhaps that countdown will make a comeback). I still write, and my enthusiasm for great literature, along my distaste of Christopher Paolini and Dan Brown’s “work,” are still intact. I now add Stephanie Meyer to my blacklist, as I finally read the first installment of the Twilight series and could probably write a blog purely dedicated to all the reasons I find the thing to be a horrible addition to popular culture (from a mythological perspective, from a feminist perspective, etc). I read more Russian literature than in high school (where I was mostly introduced to great English writers), and my interests within literature have become more centered on the psychological than the fantastical. I still draw (not a Da Vinci, but I can do better than stick figures), and have moved from mechanical pencil and Crayola colored pencil to more sophisticated media (mainly charcoal and pastel). I still have a passion for animation, and as such I still mostly watch cartoons. I find that the amount of personality expressed in cartoons (every line drawn, every stroke of a digital paintbrush) far exceeds what I find in most live-action television, and I feel as though this stance will persist throughout the rest of my life.

I still am a rabid Roger Federer fan (Nadal fans may as well find another blog to read), and am hoping he can retire with a total of 20 championship trophies. I am also still a Blake fan, although it appears he will never have his chance in the spotlight. Ah, well, such is life.

I watched the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and rooted for Ghana and Switzerland, then France in the finals, and I developed a horrid distaste for the Italian team and their theatrical dives and their fake tears and their call-the-sister-of-another-player-a-whore tactics and their generally sneaky, untalented playing style. In 2010, South Africa, I rooted for the USA and France (the former made me proud, the latter moved me to comment about their performance, angrily, in French); I rooted for Ghana when the US was sent home, and in the end I rooted for the Netherlands in the finals. My distaste for Italy never faltered (to see them dismissed before the elimination rounds was akin to seeing karmic judgement in action). While many of my allegiances shifted over the years, one thing remained constant: the team I rooted for always failed in the end. Perhaps my football endorsements come with a curse.

Whereas in high school I would jokingly taunt my sister about how poorly the Washington Capitals were playing, when I came to college and faced hordes of hockey fans who dared to root for non-DC teams, I promptly brought my allegiances in check. I cheered as they became the best team of the season, trash-talked in French Canadian chatrooms during games, and lamented when the Caps’ journey to the championships of the Stanley Cup came to a disappointing end.

I no longer post the results of every quiz I take and I no longer fill out a chain survey every week. I restrict my activity with these for the sake of my friends’ sanity. I rant about politics, but vocally, rather than in a written form (the only exception being on our school’s message boards, and it is nice to note that I do not have a poor reputation because of it). I do not rant so much about the environment, if only because college does not grant me the time to launch into five-hour discussions about clean energy or vegetarianism. And, perhaps, I have grown a little more realistic about how willing people are to change their habits, even after being shown the consequences of their actions and given a plan of action to reduce the harmful effects of their lifestyles.

In terms of overall interests, I went from being interested in politics, genetics, and environmental science, to being interested in computer science and much more geeky things. I read my first real superhero comics in college, I started reading more science fiction, and I started watching anime and learning about internet memes and what lies in the depths of YouTube. But even after all this I still retain my artistic side, for which I am glad.

And it appears I have not lost my ability to ramble. I will end with a quote that I still take to heart, and which still guides my religious inquiry, and my philosophy as a human being:

“Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgement; even the very wise cannot see all ends.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Namarie. 🙂

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